What is Underneath Our Responses to Money in Relationships?

What goes through your mind when you have an argument about finances? What’s beneath our response to money in relationships? Because when there is conflict, it isn’t about the money.

Why Does Money Have Such an Impact on Marriages?

Prominent research firms tell us that the top two leading causes for marital strain (and divorce) are money and sex. I think most people would agree with this statement even if it wasn’t backed by statistics.

How To Get Your Partner More Involved In Your Finances

Feel like responsibility for your shared finances isn’t as evenly-distributed as you’d like? Here are some tips for getting your partner more involved.

How to Be Authentic When You Express Gratitude

The good news is, you can strengthen your marriage with gratitude while staying authentic to yourself and to your partner.

The Purpose of Sex as Worship

God’s gifts are perfect, holy, and never so simple as to only serve one purpose or be used for one thing. The same is true for sex. Sex can also be used as a tool for worship.

What To Do If You Have a Sexless Marriage

We’ve never met anyone who wants to be in a sexless marriage, though that is often the reality for many couples we work with. But what are the causes for a sexless marriage and how can they be overcome?